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Dosing & Blending
DPK (Continuous loss-in-weight color feeder)
GRAVIX (Batch gravimetric dosing units)

DPM Pulsed Microdoser


DPM is available in a mono-component version, specifically designed for dosing masterbatch to natural virgin plastic materials, as well as in versions for dosing three and up to four additive components. According to the percentage to be dosed, DPM can be used in combination with a ROTOPULSE system or a double eyelid shutter device. DPM does not require the use of a mixer The reduced quantity of blend released prevents separation of the materials due to vibration or over-mixing.
DPM can be installed on the machines as a normal dosing unit and it adapts perfectly well to plastics processing machines. The hoppers are made entirely of stain-less steel. DPM is used with a ROTOPULSE system for masterbatch with percentages lower than 4%, while the double eyelid shutter is used with higher percentages. The BASE version is provided with capacitive level sensor.
• 25 ms reaction time
• 0.08 g microbatch
• Precision 0.001 %

DVM Volumetric Dosing Units


The DVM volumetric dosing units are the result of meticulous design work: maximum attention has been paid to ease of use and reliability. The control unit is based on a microprocessor, which makes programming very flexible, and a motorised screw controlled by inverter, thus ensuring high performance. An important feature of this equipment is the ability to directly set the dosing percentage. DVM does not require maintenance and offers long-term reliability.
• Direct percentage set-up
• Construction modularity
• Static mixer

DVM-H Volumetric Dosing Unit for HIGH Temperatures


While great attention is paid to ensuring low humidity levels in polymers, it is very often forgotten or not considered sufficiently that masterbatch can contain a considerable amount of humidity. DVM H is unique among its type of volumetric screw dosers, designed for high temperatures, for dosing additives or master-batch in the form of granulate.
It can be combined with the DRY AIR dryer for drying treatment of dehumidified masterbatch up to 180°C. The dosing body is thermally insulated in order to limit heat dispersion and it is installed on a vertical support column just like an ordinary doser.
• No water
• High temperatures
• Thermally insulated
• Direct percentage set-up

DVL Dosing Unit for Fluids


LIQUIDOSER dosing units have been designed specifically for dosing liquid pigments and they can be equipped with three different types of flexible elastic hoses, depending on the capacity required. It is possible to achieve very fine coloration at low dosing levels with these machines with the inverter drive making them very reliable. Cleaning is particularly easy and is performed by simply replacing the hose.
• Driving by inverter
• 6 period peristaltic pump
• Elastic interchangeable pipes
• 100 recipes stored in memory

DVX Horizontal Mixer / Volumetric Dosing Systems


DVX series dosing systems with a horizontal mixer can be directly installed on the machine material intake. The use of inclined screws prevents the granules from falling into the system accidentally. The horizontal mixer can be configured with two to four stations. These configurations use cylindrical stainless steel hoppers that can be combined with Moretto feeding systems. Direct dosing percentage setting.
• Direct percentage set-up

DVX Vertical Mixer / Volumetric Dosing Systems


The DVX series dosing systems with vertical mixer can be directly installed on the plastics processing machine’s material intake. The mixer can be fitted with agitators or vertical screw feeding. The mixer is accompanied by a desk-control panel with a highly intuitive user-friendly touch-screen interface. The vertical mixers can be prepared for use with a maximum of ten dosing units.
• Touch-screen control
• Up to 6 stations

DGM GRAVIX Gravimetric Dosing Unit / Volumetric Dosing Systems


The new version of DGM GRAVIX has the innovative Super Easy touch-screen interface that, thanks to the parameters representation with icons, allows an easier and more intuitive management of the machine and of the processes by the user.
In this new important restyling, Gravix dosing unit has been completely redesigned and now, due to the particular hardware and software architecture of the control system, offers important opportunities linked with the high connectivity. It is possible to download process data through the USB port or Ethernet port. With a minor system supplementation the user can switch to wireless management.
DGM GRAVIX is provided also with RS485 port for MODBUS protocol. The DGM GRAVIX dosing unit range includes 7 sizes of machines: series 100 - 200 - 400 - 600 - 800 - 900 - 1.000 for throughputs from 30 to 5,000 kg/h with the possibility of dosing up to 12 materials.
• Touch-screen control
• Double eyelid shutter
• Free weighing hopper

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