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Rigid PET Film Extrusion Line High Output

PET Film Extrusion Lines

PET Film Extrusion Lines

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The top level PET technology available in the worldwide market, developed in the last 20 years thanks to the proactive teamwork between Bandera Technical Dept. and its final customers.

• Specialized equipment to reach highest standards suitable for new applications (TDO label films, furniture films, credit card film sector)

• Sturdy calender roll stack offering the widest thickness range (0,12 mm to 1,60 mm)

• Maximised width (up to 2000 mm net) and output range (up to 3000 kg/h)

• Specially designed “in-calender” and “off-calender” film lamination systems

• Extrusion coating equipment for multi-layer composite products

• Structural E-PET Foam Film production (VelPET®) for Lighter Packaging®

Bandera PET foil extrusion lines include the following equipment:

  • Co-rotating twin-screw extruders with high efficiency high vacuum venting system, ensuring maximised process cost efficiency and final product quality.
  • Continuous automatic melt filtering system with screenplate selfcleaning (purging).
  • High-precision flat dies with automatic thickness adjustment (option available on request).
  • Sturdy calenders for foil calibration and polishing, offering a wide reliable thickness range (actually, the widest range available on the reference market). Calenders can feature a horizontal, inclined or vertical configuration.
  • Bandera winders are manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically operated and accurately designed to ensure
  • operator’s safety and ease overall extrusion line management and control.
  • Process materials: PET, A-PET, C-PET, PET-G
    Standard thickness range: 120µm ÷ 1,50mm
    Foil width: up to 2000mm max
    Foil layer structure: single-layer, coextruded
    Hourly output: up to 2700kg/h
    Other process materials: PP, PS, PLA
    Available option: foil production with PE film lamination (barrier or not)
    Available option: composite foil production with in-line coating system
    Available option: semi-foamed foil production by physical and chemical process

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