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Blown Film Extrusion

New extrusion lines for the production of agrifilm

New extrusion lines for the production of agrifilm

Bandera is a pace setter in agrifilm extrusion lines.

Nowadays, three-layer coextrusion lines are preferred as they satisfy the current requirements for agrifilm. Nonetheless, future trends are toward 5-layer line configuration.

The multi-layer film ensures an enhanced management of raw process materials and optimized additive distribution in every layer, thus increasing film physical and mechanical properties as well as light and heat transmission: as a consequence, the film life cycle is increased.

Bandera agrifilm coextrusion line flexibility and versatility is increasingly appreciated by customers, considering that, as a matter of fact, agrifilm is a seasonal product.
With the same coextrusion head and minimized set-up times, Bandera coextrusion lines can produce agrifilm as well as thicker film (e.g. waterproofing geomembrane): a valuable chance to have an all-year-round profitable coextrusion line, regardless of agrifilm seasonality.


  • Greenhouse film
  • Thermal film
  • Diffusive film
  • Photoselective film
  • Fumigation film
  • Mini tunnel film
  • Silo film
  • Mulching film
  • Solarization film
Bandera coextrusion lines are equipped with cutting-edge peripheral and ancillary systems, whose control and display functions are integrated into Bandera line supervision system in order to ensure automated line operation:
  • Haul-off units, up to 8500mm open width
  • Power-driven gusseting units
  • C- and V- folders for easy reel stocking and handling
  • Winders up to 5500mm, available in gap winding mode

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