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Filo Extrusion Lines

Bandera manufactures complete extrusion lines for the production of high thickness windable single and multilayer foil and production of thick sheet.

Innovative know-how and technologies are applied to cutting edge thermoplastic process in the following applications :
120 micron ÷ 2mm thickness windable foil from HIPS, PP, CRPS, A/CPET, PETG and PLA, for rigid thermoformed food packaging applications

Bandera is world leader in extrusion technology intended for high rate outputs (up to and over 2,500kg/h), thickness and width range (0.12 – 2mm up to and over 2,400mm width) for the production of PET foil.

Furthermore, Bandera innovatively developed the following processes:
  • Bulk dosing systems for master batches and mineral fillers for composite sheet by co-rotating twin-screw and/or cascade extruders combined with innovative and precise raw material gravimetric loss-in-weight dosing units
  • Fully automated multi-reel winding systems for high-speed foil extrusion lines
  • Melt super filtration systems

Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera foil extrusion range includes:
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