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New Products

New~ Weight hopper - Extrusion Loss-in-Weight



Loss in Weight System

Blown film extrusion requires accurate yield and quality control.

TKW system implements a strong and clean mechanical structure, a high accuracy gravimetric throughput control and a flexible and user-friendly control system. Compensated load cell, simple and clean mechanical construction, advanced electronics make the control possible even in the most demanding environments.

Throughput Kontrol

TKW controls the weight per length working in closed loop on the extruder and adapting the production to the line speed. Fast mode

makes possible the maximum reduction of start-up time.

Throughput range from 100 to 1.500 kg/h.

Operation modes:

- Manual mode

- Servo control

- Automatic


► Easy interface

► Touch view control

► YIED control

► Automatic take-off

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