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MANCON BIG is an Automatic Rotating Ring Wrapping Machine.

These machines with their steel frame are designed for high-speed wrapping with a low maintenance in continuous end-of-line production processes. Mancon will wrap easily and effectively palletized goods (usually moved to the wrapping stations by conveyors), secured in an optimum way either for storage or transportation purposes. On Mancon range models it is possible to determine the PLᵣ.

Key Features

  • The pallet remains stationary while the high-speed graphite rotation ring (patented) with the film carriage rotates moving up and down to apply film to the pallet. Infrared welding (patented) and cutting of the film at end of the cycle ensures the packaging of the product.
  • The machine is fitted with a power pre-stretch carriage. Advanced controls of the machine enable an operational view simple and reliable of the wrapping sequences and fault finding.
  • The Mancon machines (2800-3500) are all CE marked for safety and performance. These machines will always be equipped with perimetral safety fences and light guards (Mutings).


  • Both machines can automatically apply mid cycle a top sheet film for the protection from dust and water.
  • These machines can be also equipped with a Top Pressor Unit to hold the load and top covering film while the wrapping cycle is running on.