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WS46/47 are Automatic Turntable Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines.

These machines are designed for low to medium duty wrapping applications. WS46/47 machines are available in different configurations, with the possibility of 90° pallet in-feed and out-feed mode. On WS46/47 range models it is possible to determine the PLᵣ.

Key Features

The integrated roller conveyor with narrow pitch rollers ensures a safe and smooth movement of all types of pallet. The WS46/47 machines are fitted with state-of-the-art motorized MAILLIS PW spool carriage for up to 300% pre-stretch and easy film insertion (No Thread®). Machines also include, as  standard,  clamping, cutting and brushing unit for stretch film treatment at the end of cycles. The WS range models are equipped with Siemens® PLC and touchscreen HMI for more intuitive control and advanced features.


  • PPS - Power Pre-Stretch System: special powered device driven by 2 motors. Thanks to those special motors, PPS allows the easiest and the quickest film distribution on the pallet surface by avoiding excessive waste of film and by optimising the wrapping cycles at the same time.
  • Compact Grippers and Welding device: this compact unit is designed and built to allow the grippers to move very closed to the long side of the smallest pallet and to allow a perfect film tail cutting and welding after the wrapping phase. This allows a pallet external good-looking.
  • The system above described can be integrated with another smart device, called "roping system", that allows the reduction of the plastic film band obtaining a sort of "rope" to better fix the last part of the film to the pallet and to enable a better film tail welding.